The Bullish Trade!
Stop losing money on wrong trades.
Don't know if the stock is overpriced or undervalued?
Not sure if you should buy more, or sell ASAP?
Thinking if you should go with a bullish or bearish trading strategy?
Discover fair prices, visualize fundamentals, and find the best trades in real-time with The Bullish Trade.
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What is The Bullish Trade? 🧐
The Bullish Trade is the secret app for stock and option traders.
First, we tell you if the stock is overpriced or undervalued.
Second, you compare company's fundamentals to its competitors and industry/sector averages.
Third, we scan the whole market and find the best option trades according to your expectations.
All expirations. All strikes. All deltas. All spreads. All greeks.
Determine stock's real price
How do you know if you should buy or sell?
The Bullish Trade pulls all the complex data about the company. It's balance sheet, reports, valuations data, growth projections and more.
And then we show it in a visual, simple, easy to understand way.
Who knows if the P/E of the company is high? How to measure if last earnings report was good or not?
We do. We show the company data compared to the industry and the sector. And we show the historical trend as well.
You can see how company performs compared to it's competitors. How fairly it is priced compared to others. And make a decision.
Market Insights
Stay updated on key market moves. Get insights on the latest trends and news.
See most interesting changes in the market today. Which industries are growing, and which companies are pulling them up (or down!).
Find interesting trade opportunities: see biggest price changes, volume spikes, most overvalued or underpriced stocks.
Automatically scan options market to find trades according to your budget, risk tolerance and profit expectations.
Find similar price moves in the history with our Correlations feature to know if the trend is likely to continue.
Actionable fundamentals
Make informed decisions based on our detailed yet easy to read visualized company fundamentals.
Yes, just like everyone else, we show comprehensive insights into a company's performance, financial health, and market position.
But we actually describe what each of them means and how it affects the stock price.
And you can see and compare how similar companies are doing.
And since it is 2024, you can even consult with The Bullish Trade AI, which will help you make the right decision.
And did we mention we display senate trading data for each stock?
Stop losing with options
One of the top features of The Bullish Trade is options finder.
Even more, initially The Bullish Trade was made for options traders, by options traders.
Select the companies you target. Select your favorite strategies (Credit/Debit spreads, Iron Condors, Strangles, whatever).
And The Bullish Trade will scan the whole market, all expirations, all strikes to find only the best options trades.
The app will also describe each trade in detail, so you know your max profit and loss, probability of the win, and more.
And yes, we have free plans!
πŸ₯Ή How much?
Save up to 20%
$0.00 paid annually
Market overview
5 entries
Company Fundamentals
3 reports / day
Options Scanner
3 companies / day
per month
$99.99 paid annually
Market overview
Company Fundamentals
Options Scanner
3 companies / day
per month
$199.99 paid annually
Market overview
Company Fundamentals
Options Scanner
The best part? One trade easily covers the cost of the subscription for months to come πŸ’°
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Market Insights - see most interesting moves of the day, and know what drives them.
Company Fundamentals - most important company data presented in a simple and visual way, compared to competition and market. Explained.
Options Finder - automate your options search and find trades for your taste. Learn more about each trade, and understand your win chances.
Cool. Let's start!
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